OMG Oh My God!

Movie on GOD Indian Oh My God OMG

Whenever we talk about GOD, we get preachy and the audience gets bored. This movie without losing its wit and humour, silently put a message across. The message of the movie is that, there is a thin line between Faith and Blind faith, few people by taking GOD’s name play with our faith and emotions.

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  1. Really a nice collection of movies. I will watch them.

  2. That’s one fantastic list of movies, amongst of all these my all time favorite is Oh My God, it really changed my perception about God. And the next one on the list is, 3 Idiot… simply, do what you love :)

  3. I’m a Journalist and i’m penning a unique book on a social issue. Would you mind sending me your full article in pdf form on my mail submitted here. I’m in Spain.

    I promise i’ll mention your name in my book as a reference!

    Take care!

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