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I believe that a Filmy life is way better than a Fake one, everyone usually lives. Films, Gadgets, and Travelling are the only things I love so far. And yes, I'm a Blogger!
NH10 Poster Anushka Sharma

NH10 Review, Story and Verdict

Before releasing, movie started a chaos among Censor Board members regarding some explicit dialogues and content, and it looks like they did took them away. Seriously, I...
Dum Laga ke Haisha Movie poster

Dum Laga Ke Haisha Review, Story and Verdict

Dum Laga Ke Haisha is a comeback for Yash Raj Films and it will surely remove the drought of a successful and unique film under their banner....
mary kom priyanka chopra facts (1)

Facts About Mary Kom and Priyanka Chopra

Mary Kom is a Biopic film based on the life of Mary Kom. First time in India a film is made on the life of a Female...
Xmen days of future past wallpaper poster

X-Men: Days of Future Past Review

X-Men: Days of future Past in a superhero film and is the seventh film from the X-Men Film series, directed by Bryan Singer.Like all other movie of...

Children of War 2014 Movie Review

This weekend, I wasn’t interested to watch another copy cat Bollywood movie so I got in for the Children of War and here I’m sharing what I...

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