It’s Rakhi, How can we forget Bollywood on this special occasion. Brother-Sister relationship is the most beautiful relationship we have, as this relationship has Care of a Parent and Love of a friend. Although there are many movies based on Brother-Sister and many Bollywood actors who have portrayed this role on-screen, there are many off screen real Bollywood Brother Sister You can check them.

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Hare Rama Hare Krishna (1971)

A loving duo of brother and sister who are very young and are very much fond of each other, are separated because of their parent’s irreconcilable relationship. Son goes with mother, and the daughter had to stay with her father, he remarries. Years later The father sends a letter to his son (Prashant), that his sister (Jasbir) has gone rebellious and has left for Kathmandu to stay with hippies. Prashant not only finds his sister but also finds her addicted to Drugs and alcohol. This loving brother tries every way to bring her younger sister back home and get rid of all addictions but to avail; she commits suicide with the guilt that her brother has found her in such a bad state.

The very emotional story that tells us that how children are affected when parents fight and gets divorced. Their life changes their heartbreaks and their bonding with their sibling breaks and leads them to the wrong paths of life.

Garv (2004)

An honest cop Arjun (Salman Khan) has to face the Capital Punishment for killing the rapists of her sister. He keeps his mouth shut in the trials, just to let her sister lead a normal life and doesn’t have to face humiliation in front of the whole world. Salman is tortured badly in the jail by gangsters for being honest and not letting them do illegal work.

On the other side, his sister, Rakhi (Akanksha) comes in the court to tell the court the real reason without thinking about her humiliation in the society.

This movie shows the love and compassion of a Brother and Sister towards each other. How they can cross all boundaries to keep their sibling safe and sound.

Iqbal (2005)

This movie is about an extraordinary boy of a remote town who is deaf and mute but dreams of becoming a cricketer. His younger sister acts as a translator, misses her school, finds a teacher for him and helps him all through unless he becomes a Cricketer in Indian National Cricket Team.

This movie shows, when no one in the world understands you and your feelings, you find your companion in your siblings.

Saajan Ka Ghar (1994)

The movie is based on an unfortunate girl, who loses her mother as soon as she born. Her father treats her as a killer of his wife, his stepmother ill-treats her, but her step-brother proves to be an Angel is her colorless life. He gives her all the love and respect she deserves.

She gets married, but her fate doesn’t change much and she gets a mother in law who is more like her Stepmother. But the relationship of Brother and Sister is very beautifully shown. This movie shows that this relationship doesn’t need a stamp of real blood relationship, in fact, relationships are lived-up by heart and not by the mind.

Ramaiya Vastavaiya (2013)

This movie is about a sister (Sona) with a possessive elder brother (Raghuveer). She falls in love with a boy (Ram) who has to face hatred from her brother for loving his dear sister. After a tiff between Raghuveer and Ram’s brother, Ram has to prove his love for Sona by completing a task of growing more crops than Raghuveer. Ram, who is from Australia finds it real tough to complete the task but doesn’t give up go through a tough test to prove his love for her, given by her brother

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