Criminal Minds (2005-Running)

Criminal Minds tv series

Set on a similar theme as the CSI franchise, Criminal Minds is yet another police procedural drama series and also the first and original series of the Criminal Minds franchise. However, unlike CSI that follows the investigation procedure of the police department, Criminal Minds is set primarily at the FBI’s Behavioural Analysis Unit based in Quantico, Virginia. Also, in terms of the investigation process, Criminal Minds is a lot different from other shows as the investigating team focuses on profiling the criminal, known as unsub or unknown subject, rather than following the actual crime itself.

Sherlock (2010-Running)

Sherlock TV Series Detective

Sherlock is the always the first name that comes to our minds when we talk about detectives or crime investigation. Owing to his popularity, thanks to Sir Arthur Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes detective stories, Sherlock is a famous household name today because of his quick wit and charm of solving crimes with his intelligence and smartness. There are many different screen and television adaption portrayed on this fictional private detective in the past years and one of them is the British-American crime drama television series, Sherlock premiered in 2010. Unlike other adaptations of Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes detective stories, this TV series is primarily set in the present day and has already impressed the audiences with three successful seasons and the fourth scheduled to be telecast in 2017.

Bones (2005-Running)

Bones TV Series

Bones is a crime procedural drama series based on the novel series scripted by Kathy Reichs, who has scribbled the novel series after getting inspired by her own life experiences as a forensic anthropologist. Although a fiction, Kathy Reichs has developed the character of Temperance Brennan, the main protagonist of her novel series as well as the TV series Bones, based on her own life. Temperance Brennan is a forensic anthropologist, who works with FBI at a condition that she is allowed to investigate the crime and interview the suspects just as any FBI Special Agent. Despite being sceptical at first, her partner FBI Special Agent, Seeley Booth realizes the fact that she is a great asset for her knowledge about bones or human skeleton and together they increase their chances of finding the real culprit behind the crimes.

True Detective (2014-Running)

True Detective American crime drama tv show

True Detective is a complete outcast crime drama series on the list. Yes, the reason simply being that most TV series on the list are highly thrilling and exciting. However, True Detective is more focused on the depths of the case as well as the effects of the investigation on the individual lives of the lead detectives. Being an anthology series, a full season is dedicated to a pair of detectives and focuses on their investigation procedure, indifferences, bonding and much more. Instead of highlighting the crime scene or the crime itself, the series follows the lives of the detectives throughout the show.

Elementary (2012-Running)

Elementary tv show

Elementary is yet another TV series based on Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes character but set in the modern times. Created by Robert Doherty, the series follows the life of a recovering drug addict Sherlock Holmes, who aids the NYPD to solve crimes alongside his apprentice Dr. Joan Watson, who also helps Holmes in his rehabilitation process. During the show, we also see an ongoing spat between Holmes and his nemesis Jamie Moriarty. Although a modern version of your favourite private detective of all times, Elementary can be considered as a tribute to whole Sherlock Holmes fantasy gifted to us by Sir Arthur Doyle.

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