With the advent of technology and loss of nature, a lot of changes are happening in our atmosphere and the end result is always in the form of environmental and biographical disaster.

Being the numero uno film industry of the world, Hollywood is always there to give the slice of these natural calamities and disasters to its worldwide audience.

These films often feature large casts of actors and multiple plotlines, focusing on the characters’ attempts to avert, escape or cope with the disaster and its aftermath. Here is the list of Best environmental and Natural disaster Movies worth watching.

Volcano (1997)

volcano 1997 movie Hollywood and United States

Volcano is a 1997 Hollywood disaster film directed by Mick Jackson. The film stars Tommy Lee Jones, Anne Heche, and Don Chedle. The story of the film features the real natural disaster in the form of earthquake and volcano happening in the city of Los Angeles to destroy the whole city.

Head of Los Angeles Emergency Operations Mike Roark (Tommy Lee Jones) and fearless seismologist Dr. Amy Barnes (Anne Heche) deal with the sudden crisis of an erupting volcano! The efforts are made to divert the fiery molten rock running through the streets and save the city.

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Dante’s Peak (1997)

disaster Movies made in United states

Dante’s Peak is a Hollywood epic disaster film directed by Roger Donaldson. The star cast of the film includes Pierce Brosnan, Linda Hamilton, Charles Hallahan, Elizabeth Hoffman, Jamie Renee Smith, Jeremy Folay, and Grant Heslov.

The story of the film showcases a countryside town Dante’s Peak, named after a long dormant volcano. The place is the second most desirable place to live in America which can face the eruption of the volcano at any moment as per the study of a volcanologist, Dr. Harry Dalton.

The film has some jaw – dropping scenes and lot of suspense in the story to entertain the viewers.

2012 (2009)

2012 disaster Movies made in United states

2012 is a Hollywood science fiction Earth Disaster film directed by Ronald Emmerich, starring John Cusack, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Amanda Peet, Oliver Platt, Thandie Newton and Danny Glover.

The story of the film showcases a frustrated writer who fights to keep his family alive when a series of global catastrophes threatens to eradicate mankind.

This film is made to enjoy the out of this world sensation of cities breaking up, tsunamis and volcanic eruptions and is indeed a thrilling roller-coaster ride.

The Day After Tomorrow (2004)

the day after tomorrow movies on disaster weather

The Day After Tomorrow is an American fiction – disaster film directed by Ronald Emmerich. The film stars Jake Gyllenhaal, Dennis Quaid, Ian Holm, Emmy Rossum and Sela Ward.

The story of the film depicts fictional cataclysmic climatic effects in a series of acute weather events that leads to a new ice age. The film has mind-boggling visuals and special effects coupled with the fast-paced and exciting plot making the film that might happen in real.

Deep Impact (1998)

Deep Impact 1998 movie on astorioid attack

Deep Impact is a Hollywood science fiction disaster film directed by Mimi Leder. The star cast of the film includes Robert Duvall, Tea Leoni, Elijah Wood, Vanessa Redgrave, Maximilian Schell, Leelee Sobieski and Morgan Freeman.

The film features the efforts to plan for and devastate a 7-mile wide comet set to collide with the Earth and cause a mass extinction. The film presents humanity in characters, detailed story lines and of course, the best special effects for the climax.

Twister (1996)

twister 1996 movies on tornado United states

Twister is a Hollywood climate disaster film directed by Jan De Bont. The film stars Bill Paxton and Helen hunt, playing as storm chasers researching tornadoes.

The story of the film showcases the two advanced storm chasers who join together to create an advanced weather alert system. The film is a great piece of the show coupled with excellent special effects, intense actions, and a great storyline.

The popularity of the film can be understood by the mere fact that after watching the film, a lot of people developed their interest in storms, tornadoes, and rainy weather.