Hollywood action movies have always been the benchmark for film industries across the globe.

Even before the ascent of special effects and advanced technology in filmmaking, Hollywood has produced some amazing action flicks.

The Hollywood style of filmmaking is also the reason why most film industries experiment with special effects and unbelievable action sequences whether the scenes involve fighting, racing, or adventure.

Today, I would like to share our Favorite List of Greatest action Movies with FK readers. Hollywood action films are also Available in Hindi Dubbed versions and some of them are available in Multiple Indian Languages like Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam.

Note: We are also including some non-Hollywood films in this list.

Best Hollywood Action Movies of All Time

Over the years, it is the action genre that increased the fan following for Hollywood cinema across the globe. None of the other film industries across the world has matched up to the adrenaline-boosting action sequences that are normally found in Hollywood action movies.

Here are few of my best Hollywood action Films of all time. I recommend you to watch them once if you haven’t yet.

Die Hard Series 

die hard 1988 best Hollywood action flick

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone are the two names that pop up while talking about action movie stars. Well, here’s one more who redefined the whole persona of action movie stars.

Yes, I am talking about Bruce Willis and his film franchise started with 1988 film Die Hard. Bruce Willis plays John McClane, an NYPD officer caught in the middle of a heist at a Los Angeles skyscraper where he goes to meet his estranged wife.

The rest of the movie shows how John McClane saves all the hostages and his wife, All other parts of the Die Hard Series are quite similar where hero and villains meet at the end and they talk on radio or phones but all other parts are equally interesting except the 5th part A Good Day to Die Hard.

The Dark Knight (2008)

heath ledger Joker in Batman Dark Knight

Undoubtedly the best superhero movies of all time, The Dark Knight actually set the tone for the current breed of Marvel and DC movies.

Directed by the great Christopher Nolan and featuring Christian Bale as Batman, the film tells the story of the Gotham’s Knight and his rivalry with the Joker, played by Heath Ledger.

The film is highly known for its cinematography, intense action scenes, and gripping dialogues.

The Matrix (1999)

The Matrix best action film of HollywoodThe Matrix best action film of Hollywood

The 1999 film The Matrix is undoubtedly one of the best examples of what special effects can do for an action-packed film.

Directed by The Wachowski Brothers, the movie draws inspiration from martial art films, especially the Wire-fu techniques and fight choreographers used in Hong Kong action cinema.

The film features Keanu Reeves in the lead role and comprises of two subsequent sequels. The Matrix film series is one of the best Dystopian Films of Hollywood.

Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981)

Indiana Jones raiders of the lost ark movie

There’s no better action than what you find in an action adventure film. Directed by Steven Spielberg, Raiders of the Lost Ark is the first installment in Indiana Jones film series.

The film features Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones, an archaeologist who faces a group of Nazis while searching for the Ark of the Covenant which Hitler needs to make his army invincible.

The instant popularity of Indiana Jones character and the theme of the film gave rise to three more films in the Indiana Jones franchise.

Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991)

Terminator series Terminator 2 best Hollywood action movies

Terminator 2: Judgment Day is the second installment in the Terminator franchise featuring a teen John Connor.

Directed by James Cameron, the film continues 10 years after the previous film with Sarah Connor and her 10-year old son John Connor.

As John Connor is destined to become the leader of the human resistance in the future, a more advanced Terminator T-1000 is sent back in the past to assassinate him.

To counter this attack, a less-advanced Terminator played by Arnold Schwarzenegger is sent to protect John Connor. The film is the epic battle between the two machines.

Predator (1987)

Predator movies on invisiblity

Directed by John McTiernan, Predator is a sci-fi horror film featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger as the leader of an elite group of Special Forces team sent to rescue hostages from the guerrilla-held territory.

Lest did they know that they are not pitted against any human soldier but a technologically advanced form of extraterrestrial life targeting the team. Whether they hunt the predator down or get hunted forms the crux of the story.

The Terminator (1984)

The Terminator best Hollywood action film

The Terminator is the first installment in the Terminator series. Directed by James Cameron, the film features Arnold Schwarzenegger as the titular antagonist who is sent in the past to assassinate Sarah Connor so she doesn’t give birth to John Connor.

Her son is the only hope of the human race and the leader of the human resistance against machines in a post-apocalyptic future.

The film also features Michael Biehn as Kyle Reese, John’s biological father and Linda Hamilton as Sarah Connor. The Terminator is One of the greatest Time Travel Movies of All Time.

Casino Royale (2006)

Casino Royale best Hollywood action movies

Casino Royale is the 21st James Bond film and the first to feature Daniel Craig as Agent 007.

Unlike other actors who played James Bond in the past, Daniel Craig brings elements of speed and agility into the game. The parkour chase scene in the film is one such example.

The film is based on Ian Fleming’s novel of the same name and follows James Bond’s early days as a 00 Agent. The film also features Eva Green as James Bond’s love interest and Mads Mikkelsen as the lead antagonist.

Aliens (1986)

Aliens 1986 best Hollywood films action packed

Directed by James Cameron, Aliens is a second installment in the Alien franchise. The 1986 film Aliens is the sequel to the events and the first encounter with the Alien in the previous movie.

In the film, Ellen Ripley returns to the exomoon LV-426 that she barely escaped in the previous film. She has to fight her worst nightmares and help rescue everyone again from the Alien attack.

A sequel to the film and third installment in the Alien franchise was released in 1992 with Sigourney Weaver reprising her role as Ellen Ripley.

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Gladiator (2000)

Gladiator 2000 film on revenge story

Gladiator is a 2000 historical drama film set in AD 180. Directed by Ridley Scott, the film features Russell Crowe in the titular character.

Initially a Hispano-Roman general, the loyal Maximus is betrayed when Commodus seizes the throne after murdering Emperor Marcus Aurelius.

Maximus is enslaved but eventually rises through the Gladiator ranks to avenge the death of his family and emperor. Whether he is successful or not forms the crux of the story.

Mad Max: Fury Road (2015)

Mad Max fury road 2015

Although a part of Mad Max franchise, the 2015 action film Mad Max: Fury Road is a reboot of the film series. Directed by George Miller, the film features Charlize Theron and Tom Hardy in the lead roles.

The film is set in a dystopian era and follows a rescue mission led by Max Rockatansky, played by Hardy and Imperator Furiosa, played by Theron.

The main highlight of the film is the road battle as the cult leader and his army try to stop the rescue mission of the lead protagonists in the film.

Rambo Series

First Blood rambo best action film by hollywood

Rambo Series starts with First Blood. First Blood is a 1982 action thriller featuring Sylvester Stallone for the first time as Rambo, a character that went on to become legendary over the years.

Directed by Ted Kotcheff, the film tells the story of Rambo, a troubled and misunderstood Vietnam veteran who is mistreated by the abusive law enforcement in a small town. He decides to take on the abusive system all by himself using his combat skills and survival techniques he learned during his training and military experience.

The popularity and fame of the film at the Box Office made way for the Rambo film franchise followed by 3 other films in the series.

Kill Bill: Series (2003)

kill bill film on revenge

Directed by Quentin Tarantino, Kill Bill – Volume 1 is the first chapter of the two-part Kill Bill franchise.

The American martial arts film is a revenge story of the Bride, portrayed by Uma Thurman who battles a league of assassins led by Bill, portrayed by David Carradine.

A sequel and Volume 2 of the series was released the subsequent year, both films were full of action sequences and loved by the Tarantino fans. Kill Bill Films are on the list of Greatest Hollywood Action Movies by Filmy Keeday.

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