Satyajit Ray is known for his independent film making, he was one of the greatest film makers of India, Satyajit Ray was a Film director, producer, screenwriter, writer, music director and lyricist. He was the first Indian who won Academy Honorary Award in 1992.

Today we are sharing some of his great artwork in Film Making.

List of Best Movies of Satyajit Ray

Pather Panchali/Song of the Little Road (1955)

Pather Panchali The little road Satyajit ray classic

The whole story is based on a novel, Pather Panchali by Bibhutibhushan Bandopadhyay which was written in 1929 starring Karuna Banerjee, Uma Dasgupta, Subir Banerjee, Chunibala Devi, Kanu Banerjee and Tulsi Chakrabarti. The music is given by renowned sitarist, Pt. Ravi Shankar. In English “Pather Panchali” is known as ‘Song of the Little Road’. The story is all about the poor family as well as village life and childhood of Subir Banerjee as ‘Apu’ along with his elder sister Uma Dasgupta as ‘Durga’. This film is purely based on Satyajit Ray’s notes and drawings as it did not had any script of its own. Satyajit Ray released an Apu Trilogy and this movie was the first part of the same.

Aparajito/The Unvanquished (1956)

Apu Trilogy Aparajito ,theUnvanquished Satyajit ray

The movie Aparajito is the second part of Ray’s Apu Trilogy which revolves around the Apu’s life since childhood to his college. In English, Aparajito simply means “The Unvanquished” and won 11 international awards. The story is adapted from the last-fifth of Pather Panchali and first-third of Aparajita. This movie closely resembles with its literary source.