Lakshya (2004)

Lakshya movie on army and media

Well, Lakshya is not entirely a film based on journalism but it does feature the risks involved and the efforts made by the press reporters who cover the war news at ground zero. The film basically follows the story of a young man and his valiant efforts in the Kargil War once he recognizes the true goal in his life. He meets his ex-girlfriend who is now covering the Kargil War and the meeting rekindles their love story once again.

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Madras Cafe (2013)

madras cafe movies based on real events

Madras Cafe is a political thriller spy film set in the late 1980s and early 1990s of Sri Lanka. Directed by Shoojit Sircar, the film tries to take us down through the events witnessed by an Indian soldier that led to the plot designed to assassinate the then Prime Minister of India, Mr. Rajiv Gandhi. The film also features a war correspondent who aides the soldier to uncover the plot to assassinate the Indian Prime Minister.

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Nayak (2001)

Nayak The Real Hero anil kapoor

Nayak is Hindi remake of the Shankar’s 1999 film Mudhalvan. The film tells the story of an honest and ambitious TV reporter who is challenged by the Maharashtra Chief Minister to take his job for a day. Though hesitant in the beginning, the reporter takes up the challenge and takes up the mantle for 24 hours. His fine execution and determination throughout these 24 hours make him a crowd favorite and a threat for the CM. The film takes an interesting turn and a simple reporter becomes the elected CM of Maharashtra.

Main Azaad Hoon (1989)

Main Azaad Hoon film on media

Main Azaad Hoon is a different themed film starring Amitabh Bachchan. Basically, Amitabh Bachchan is known to work in commercial cinema but with the 1989 film Main Azaad Hoon, he ventured into the parallel cinema for the first time. Directed by Tinnu Anand, the film tells the story of a man who is used by the media to pose as Azaad, a fictitious figure created by a journalist to get back at her news agency. The film tries to draw our attention towards the failed system and tells us that it only requires one spark to begin a revolution.

Noor (2017)

Noor 2017 film on journalist sonakshi sinha

Noor is a fun comedy film based on a famous novel by Pakistani Author Saba Imtiaz titled Karachi, You’re Killing Me! The film basically follows the life of Noor, a young journalist played by Sonakshi Sinha and her misadventures as she tries to fit in the lifestyle of Mumbai. Directed by Sunhil Sippy, the film is a light comedy at the beginning but eventually

Shobhana 7 Nights (Not yet released officially)

Shobhana 7 Nights film on media journalist

Directed by Sudipto Chattopadhyay, Shobhana 7 Nights is a story about a woman who is often featured on Page 3 articles. Hell breaks loose when she decides to write her autobiography as she had a very controversial life which if disclosed can unravel many hidden truths. Whether she completes her autobiography or not forms the rest of the story.

Naya Sansar (1940)

Naya Sansar is a classic film that portrays a love triangle at a newspaper agency called Sansar. Directed by N.R. Acharya, the film reflects on the radical journalism spreading across India.The filmmaker brilliantly webs an interesting love story while displaying the effect of radicalism in the journalism industry of India in the 1940s.

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