Dushman (1998)

Ashutosh rana in Dushman Negative role psycopath Bollywood movies list

Dushman is a 1998 film that revolves around a young girl who has lost her twin sister recently. After her sister is raped and murdered by a sadistic rapist and killer, she vows revenge against him. Whether she is successful or not forms the rest of the story. The film is directed by Tanuja Chandra and features Kajol as the lead protagonist whereas Ashutosh Rana plays the sadistic serial killer. Sanjay Dutt also plays a smaller yet significant role in the film.

Murder 2 (2011)

prashant narayan in murder 2 as a psycopath killer

Murder 2 is the second installment in the Murder series. The film is basically as quasi-sequel to 2004 erotic thriller Murder. The film tells the story of a serial killer who tortures and kills prostitutes. The film features Emraan Hashmi as an ex-police officer, whereas Prashant Narayanan plays the psychopath killer. It’s also one of Bollywood’s first and only horror-slasher film.

Kaun (1999)

Kaun Bollywood thriller movie

Kaun is an interesting psychological horror thriller film directed by Ram Gopal Verma. The film is entirely shot inside a house and revolves around three characters only. The true essence of the film is the surprise element and the suspense that is revealed in the end. Kaun will keep you guessing throughout the film and when you realize the truth at the end, you will be appalled knowing what just happened.

Ek Villain (2014)

Ek Villain Ritesh Deshmukh

Ek Villain is a romantic love story with a psychopathic twist. Directed by Mohit Suri, the film features Siddharth Malhotra and Shraddha Kapoor as the lead pair. The film basically begins with a young girl killed by a serial killer. Her husband, who used to be a hardcore gangster in the past, vows to find and kill the sadistic murderer to avenge his wife’s death. The film also stars Riteish Deshmukh as the lead antagonist.

The Stoneman Murders (2009)

The Stoneman Murders mystries

The Stoneman Murders is loosely based on the real life Stoneman serial killer who murdered the footpath dwellers with a stone. As the case, in reality, was never solved, the filmmaker weaves a fictional story around the real incidents and portrays a suspense thriller film featuring Kay Kay Menon and Arbaaz Khan in the lead roles. As the story unfolds, it is still unclear about the real culprit and the true motives behind Stoneman killings.

Dastak (1996)

dastak 1996 film

Dastak is a psychological thriller film starring Sushmita Sen as herself. Directed by Mahesh Bhatt, the film is also Sushmita Sen’s debut film. The film tells the story of a psychopathic genius played by Sharad Kapoor whose obsessive love towards the Miss Universe takes him on a killing rampage. When he kidnaps the beautiful diva, she tries everything and eventually takes a violent step to get out of his clutches.

Tum – A Dangerous Obsession (2004)

tum a dangerous obession 2004 film

Tum – A Dangerous Obsession is a 2004 erotic thriller film starring Manisha Koirala, Karan Nath, and Rajat Kapoor in the lead roles. The film basically revolves around the obsession of a young man towards an older married woman after a one night stand. The psychopath lover is played by Karan Nath, whereas Manisha Koirala plays the married woman.

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Khal-Naaikaa (1993)

khal naaika movie anu agarwal in lead role

Khal-Naaikaa is a vengeful story of a widow who becomes a part of a happy family as the governess. However, nobody has a clue that the governess is her to avenge her husband’s death as she blames them to be responsible for destroying her happy married life. Directed by Saawan Kumar, the film features Anu Aggarwal in the titular character, whereas Jayaprada and Jeetendra play the happy couple.

Over to you!

Bollywood is not known for films based on psychopaths. Hence, I am sure you will be surprised to find this list. I believe that Bollywood should experiment with this topic in films and build such characters drawn from real life, so the audience senses the reality and assesses if a kid or someone is developing psychopathic tendencies.

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