14 Best Hollywood Psychopath Movies of All Time You Must Check

Ever since film as a medium of entertainment became popular, the filmmakers have taken risks when it comes to content and portraying the absolute worst things people...
Django Unchained slavery movies

10 All Time Best Movies About American Slavery You Need to Watch

01Enslavement of Africans and African Americans was a practice right since early colonial days when the US was still under British rule. It wasn’t made illegal upon...
Captain Phillips on survival film tom hanks

20+ Incredible Hollywood Movies Based on Real Life True Stories

The main reason why I prefer watching Hollywood movies than Bollywood is the fact that Hollywood movies are pretty much closer to reality. Yes, they do have...
Definitely, Maybe father daughter life

12 Best Hollywood films on Father/Daughter relationship

Hollywood has left no stone unturned in telling stories that concern dysfunctional families. It has also turned out to be a safe bet in terms of box...
escape plan film on prison break

12 Best Movies on Prison Break or Jail Escape of All Time

JailBreak drama is a unique sub-genre in cinema. It doesn’t involve traditional elements of the society; the films don’t often depict characters that are relatable as they’re...
Up best hollywood animated film by disney

18 Most Beautiful Best Animated Movies of All Time

Hollywood Animated movies are one of the best animated movies in the whole world in every sense. We have grown up watching animated cartoons Tele serials and Movies,...

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