Pirates of Silicon Valley

Best Hollywood Movies For Software Developers and Engineers

Talking about sci-fi, special effects and technological advancement, what’s better than Hollywood? Indeed, Hollywood is far too better in its very own way of storytelling, maybe it’s a...
movies based on football

Top 10 Must Watch Movies based on Football

The Football fever is back, and all the crazy football lovers must watch these amazing Movies based on Football. Sit, relax and watch some gruesome action on...
Glory 1989 Civil War movie

You Must Watch These Best Movies about American Civil War

The Civil War of 1861-1865 resulted in the Northern victory and preserved the United States as one nation while ending the institution of slavery that had divided...
Hollow Man

10 Best Films about Invisibility and Invisible Man or Creatures

Well, the best thing about the cinematic universe is that it takes you to a fantasy world, where anything and everything could be possible. Whether it’s alien invasions,...
babys day out film review

25+ Best Hollywood Movies about Kids and their life

Hollywood has been producing films comprising of an array of different genres that are targeted towards every kind of audiences in the world. Whether its action-packed adventure...
the day after tomorrow movies on disaster weather

Best Environmental And Natural Disaster Films of all The Time

With the advent of technology and loss of nature, a lot of changes are happening in our atmosphere and the end result is always in the form...

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