babys day out film review

25+ Best Hollywood Movies about Kids and their life

Hollywood has been producing films comprising of an array of different genres that are targeted towards every kind of audiences in the world. Whether its action-packed adventure...
Hollywood heist Movies list

Must Watch Hollywood Robbery/Heist Movies of all Time

Hollywood Movies are made with that perfection that even when a robbery is shown, the people watching it gets amazed with the thought process of the Film...
National Treasure Series

24 Best Treasure Hunting Movies Worth Watching Once in Life

I would like to admit that watching movies based on treasure hunting have always been exciting for me. Because of these treasure hunting movies, I have developed...
The Pursuit of Happyness Film Biopic of chris gardner

19 Best Inspirational and Motivational Hollywood Movies of All Time

Best Hollywood Inspirational and motivational movies Movies have always been there to inspire everyone, be it youngsters, kids or oldies. Hollywood Movies are made the inspiration all the...

Top 20 Best Romantic Movies Of Hollywood 2013

Hollywood Romantic Movies is the  favorite genre of many people. Some movies are amazingly beautiful and some are just ok. Here is the list of Top 20...
scray movie spoof of horror movies

11 Best Spoof Hollywood Movies that are very Hilarious

If you are the one who just loves to pull the leg and laugh, then this list is definitely a must watch for you. These spoof Hollywood movies are...

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