Max Payne movie based on games

Top 10 Hollywood Movies Based on Video Games

Games are the easiest way to bring out that kid hidden inside everyone of us. No matter what age you are, games are the weakness of everyone,...

15 Romantic Hollywood Movies for Valentine’s Day 2014

It is February, the month of celebrating love and painting the whole world in the colors of Love and romance. People buy gifts, plan surprises and dates,...
Glory 1989 Civil War movie

You Must Watch These Best Movies about American Civil War

The Civil War of 1861-1865 resulted in the Northern victory and preserved the United States as one nation while ending the institution of slavery that had divided...
Rush Movie on intense rivalry of two titans

11+ Hollywood Movies Featuring Intense Rivalries between Characters

Rivalries aren’t something new to this world. Ego or fierce competition between two people or groups has often lead to most famous rivalries in different sectors. May...
The 6th Day movies on identity theft

Top Hollywood Films On Identity Thefts or Mistaken Identities

Stealing someone’s identity or changing your identity without informing the authorities is not a walk in the park. However, Hollywood movies make us believe the opposite and...
movies based on football

Top 10 Must Watch Movies based on Football/Soccer

The Football fever is back, and all the crazy football lovers must watch these amazing Movies based on Football. Sit, relax and watch some gruesome action on the...

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