Peepli Live on Politics Staire Film Bollywood

8 All Time Best Political Satire Films in Bollywood

Indian politics has its show on the silver screen as Bollywood cinema is always ready to give its audience the feel and the story behind...
Hrithik Roshan in super 30 Best film of Hrithik

14 Best Movies of Hrithik Roshan You Have to Watch Once in Life

Hrithik Roshan is one of the most handsome men on the planet. He has proved himself as a great actor, after...

19 Best Bollywood Movies on Courtroom Drama and lawyers

To be honest, nobody likes to be ever in a court or would desire to fall into a legal affair that drags him or her...
Special 26 Movies on Conman Hindi film

12 Best Bollywood Movies on Conman or Con Artists

Con Artist films are rare in the Hindi film industry, but we do have some great films on this subject. The world...
Khalnayak Sanjay dutt in negative role

27 Best Bollywood Movies of 90s That Should Be On Your Watch List

The 90s decade was solely dedicated to the romantic and Action films in Bollywood. The decade is also popular as it was the 90s when the three Khans...
Aamir Khan in Ghajini

14 Best Movies of Aamir Khan You Must Watch

Aamir Khan is a well-known name in the cinema industry and he is famous for his perfection in his films. He...

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