Ex Machina best films on artificial intelligence

Best Films to Learn About Complicated AI Morality

AI is a complicated topic that nonetheless finds its way into a huge variety of movies. Whether you’re a lover of...
Khakhee best action Bollywood film about police

19 Best Bollywood Movies on Policemen and Their Lives

Bollywood cinema has given a lot of cop movies with a variety of flavors. We often see the films about cops...
Arjun reddy best telugu romantic film

11 All Time Best Telugu Romantic Movies You Must Watch with your Lover

Romantic genre is the most loved genre in Indian Cinema, and in Telugu Cinema Romantic films are often served with comedy and action, but these...
Garm Hawa Hindi Film Balraj Sahni

7 Classic and Most Loved Films of Balraj Sahni

Balraj Sahni, the legendary actor, and writer of Indian cinema was born in the Rawalpindi (Punjab) province of British India. The actor...
Laal Kaptaan Best Hindi film of Saif Ali Khan

9 Best Hindi Movies sets In British India but Not About The Freedom Movement

There are hundreds of Indian flicks about the freedom movement of India films like The Legends of Bhagat Singh, Shaheed, Sardar.
Bajirao Mastani Best film on Indian History

11 Best Hindi Movies about India and History of India

The culture and history of a country gives a complete glimpse of that place and people. These Movies gives us a...

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