Suraj ka Satvan Ghoda by Shyam benegal NFDC

10 Rare But Best Hindi Movies Produced by NFDC

Just like our country that’s a hub of different cultures and traditions, Indian Cinema, especially Bollywood, is also a mix of different kinds of genres liked by...
Masaan Varanasi movie shooting location

10 Bollywood Films Where the Places Were used as a Backdrop

Every film has a premise or a setting, a setting which help in narrating a story. In recent times, filmmakers have used the cities or the places as...
Saajan Hindi movie on love triangle

Best Bollywood Movies based on Love Triangle of all the Time

Love triangle works for any dull plot and makes it quite interesting. Dozens of Bollywood blockbuster flicks have tried and tested this formula for past several decades....
Gandhi To Hitler Bollywood Film

11 Remarkable Films Involving Adolf Hitler As One of The Major Characters

Hitler is one of the most famous personalities, the history has ever seen. Well, most of the popular personalities around the world are loved by people, whereas...
Thanks Maa Still

10+ Best Hindi Bollywood Movies on Kids and Their Lives

There aren't many Movies about kids in Bollywood, unlike Hollywood. But with changing times, directors are coming up with movies about children and stories related to their...
Aankhen 2002 robbery movie

9 Thrilling Best Bollywood Heist Films You Must Watch Once in Life

Since from the beginning, Bollywood movies have always been made around different socialistic themes under different genres. Unlike Hollywood films, Bollywood never experimented with the audience and...

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