Article 15 Best Bollywood films on caste system

12 Best Bollywood Films About The Caste System and Dalits

The caste system has remained a black blot on the Indian society ever since it came in touch with the outside world.
ajay devgan in company directed by RGV

Top 15 Best Movies of Ajay Devgn of All The Time

Ajay Devgn is one of the successful Bollywood actors, he is still active and now more successful than ever. He started his career with Phool...
Andhadhun best Hindi film of 2018

11 Best Indian Movies on Blind People or Visually Impaired Individuals

Indian Cinema mostly sticks to its main genre comedy and romantic films, but every year we do get to see some unique and interesting films....
Mahanadi best Kamal Haasan Movies

15 All Time Best Movies of Kamal Haasan You Should See

Kamal Haasan is famous for his different kind of approach to film making and acting. He is a well known actor at world stage.
Hrithik Roshan in super 30 Best film of Hrithik

14 Best Movies of Hrithik Roshan You Have to Watch Once in Life

Hrithik Roshan is one of the most handsome men on the planet. He has proved himself as a great actor, after...

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