Big Budget movies are becoming a craze now a days in Bollywood and so is The Highest Paid Actor in Bollywood has become a kind of competition for ace actors. Although it entirely depends upon the movie for which the actor is being signed for and also the previous movies an actor has done, if the movies were Hit or not? The critic reviews about the acting skills of an actor, but as soon as the actor gets a series of loyal fans nothing else matters.

The Qualities which make an actor the Highest Paid Actor in Bollywood?

The fame, the fans and their luck for getting hit after hits are the reason and qualities which make an actor the highest paid actor in Bollywood.

Akshay, SRK, Aamir and Salman have a crazy fan following, these fans not only love them but follow them religiously. They fight for them and they care for them and they even watch their movies even if they are not worth. Their fans love and Support is the only reason that it is becoming really tough for newcomers.

List of Top 5 Highest Paid Actors in Bollywood

Shahrukh Aamir Salman Hrithik Akshay

Salman Khan– (60 Crore)

Media’s loveable kid Salman Khan is the Highest Paid Actor in Bollywood Industry. The religious fan following of Salman Bhai makes it sure that every movie of their favourite actor whenever hit the screen, it must be a blockbuster.  Thus, making Salman Khan the highest paid actor.

Aamir Khan– ( 45 Crore)

Aamir Khan signs one movie every year, and his movie is the most promising ones. His fans wait for his movie, and not just his fans but everyone who loves movies wait for it. Aamir Khan is also known as Mr. Perfectionist as his movies are very much perfect.

Akshay Kumar-( 40-45 Crore)

Mr. Khiladi of Bollywood, Akshay Kumar has his own set of fans religiously following him. His fans love his action stunts as well as his comic flicks. Akshay Kumar has proven his skills in Action stunt movies like Boss and comic movies like Garam Masala.

Shah Rukh Khan– (35 Crore)

Badshah of Bollywood, lacks a bit and comes at 4rth position when it comes to highest paid actors list, but he has fans ranging from small kids to the Oldies. His recent movie Chennai Express, success proved that SRK might have grown old, but his charm is still there.

Hrithik Roshan– ( 25-30 Crore)

India’s own Super Hero Krrish series actor, Hrithik Roshan steals the fifth position in the list. His Krrish series, action stunts and his dancing skills have given him his lots of fans who love all his movies.

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