Hollywood Movies are made with that perfection that even when a robbery is shown, the people watching it gets amazed with the thought process of the Film Makers. They make sure to make us believe the most unbelievable things. The most amazing must watch Hollywood movies on Robbery.

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List of Hollywood Movies on Robbery

Hollywood heist Movies list

The Sting – 1973 (IMDb-8.4)

A young con man wants to take revenge for his murdered partner. He teams up with a mastermind con and plans a robbery to win a fortune from the criminal banker who murdered his partner.

Heat – 1995 (8.3)

The team of professional Bank Robbers returns from their latest heist and are worried as they have left a clue behind. The heat of the police is trapping the team down. Will they be able to be in safe zone or get arrested?

Ocean’s Trilogy (Ocean 11, 12 and 13) (IMDb- 7.8 first edition)

Ocean’s Trilogy is a series of three movies named Ocean’s Eleven, Ocean’s Twelve and Ocean’s Thirteen. The trilogy is based on Master thief Danny Ocean and his heists.

Inside Man- 2006 (IMDb-7.7)

Inside Man is a story of an unpredictable confrontation of an adamant officer and flawless bank robber from the cell. Well flowed intense moments of dialogues of every character. One of the best heist movie to watch before you die.

Die Hard: With a Vengence – 1995 (IMDb- 7.6)

2 Men, John Mc Clane and a Harlem store owner are targeted by Simon Grber, a German Terrorist. The terrorist wants to play a game with Mc Clane, Simon Says. If he doesn’t play and solve the puzzles and make as the terrorist asks him to. He will blow another bomb in the city. When all these puzzles is going on, the biggest Gold heist is also being done.

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