mahabharat on star plus vs BR Chopra

Mahabharat is the most philosophical epic ever, and first it converted to a TV Series by B.R Chopra in 1988 , It was aired on Doordarshan That TV series had a great impact on the people, there was no cable connection people used to watch Doordarshan, but nowadays we have hundreds of channels and it’s very difficult to make a successful series like B.R Chopra’s Mahabharat, I hope Mahabharat of Star Plus will do better.

This is not the only problem, another problem is the cast of B.R Chopra’s Mahabharat was so perfect and still people consider Nitish Bhardwaj as the real face of Lord Shri Krishna, his impact on people was marvelous, and nobody can beat him.

If you watch the all the characters of B.R Chopra Mahabharat you will find that they are born to play their respective roles, Bhishma played by Mukesh Khanna, still nobody can’t beat him for his brilliant performance in the TV Series.

Similarly other characters of Shakuni, Dhuryodhan , Karan all of them was looking so real and still people consider that Mahabharat is the real one.

There are few Mahabharat made after the Epic B.R Chopra’s Mahabharat, Sanjay Khan’s Mahabharat and Kahaani Hamaaray Mahaabhaarat Ki, Sanjay Khan’s Mahabharat was good with some decent performances but still not able to keep up with the old one, and Mahaabharat by Ekta Kapoor was a big flop on television.

Now Star Plus and Swastik Productions bringing the much-expected mythological saga, hope this will become a hit T.V Series.

They can bring great special effects but people always need great performances and powerful dialogues.

What do you think about Mahabharat on Star Plus?

Share your views!

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  1. Please stop the Mahabharata on star plus who is misleading peoples I did not like the characters. Krishna is ok.

    Geeta gyan is was not effective at all.

    Hi all,

    If you want to know the True Maharashtra then please watch Shri Krishna by Ramananda Sagar.

    Excellent character excellent Geeta gyan, must watch.

    • You must check on the net most of the things shown in shree krishna mahabharat part are wrong.
      I remember an episode in which drithrastra said bheesma pitamah as if pitamah was not a title but a name.
      There are many mistakes in Ramanad sagar version.

  2. Mahabharata which comes in star plus is ok.but characters are ok .I did not like the way dialogue was delivered.

    Old Krishna by sagar Arts was heart touching and the most important thing in this was geeta gyan which can change your life.

  3. truly speaking mahabharat on star plus is not good .really I don’t like the characters.

    Sagar Arts was best

  4. This Mahabharat is just perfect, specially casting of Krishna is superb his voice & way of acting is awesome , The real Lord Krishna! This Mahabharat is very compact and really very attractive and interesting.

  5. I think you have not shown justice here Mr. Nishant Srivastava but your likings for the old mahabharat and dislike for the new one.

  6. BR TV Mahabharat is the best film that I have seen. Nitish Bharadwaj was very great Actor as Shree Krishna.
    Many Greetings from Bali.