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Special 26 Movies on Conman Hindi film

Best Bollywood Movies on Thieves and Conman

The world is not perfect as there are people of all characters; good, bad & ugly, effortless and humorous and this very loveliness has been crafted on...
Best Film making Schools in India

Top 10 Best Film Schools of India to learn Film Making

As Robert Altman said 'Film Making is a chance to live many lifetimes.' And it is true. Film Making is an art that influences people's lives. People watch...
Peepli Live on Politics Staire Film Bollywood

All Time Best Political Satire Films in Bollywood

Indian politics has its show on silver screen as Bollywood cinema is always ready to give its audience the feel and the story behind the curtain. A...
Do Beegha Zameen Balraj Sahni Film

All time Hit Most Favourite Films of Balraj Sahni

Balraj Sahni, the legendary actor and writer of Indian cinema was born in the Rawalpindi (Punjab) province of British India. The actor has given his marvelous performances in...
I am Kalam Movie on Education Hindi

Best Bollywood Movies on Our Education System

Bollywood movies based on Indian education system have always been a lot inspirational as it directly connect the youth of today’s India to the the soul of...
PK Hindi Film Review

Best Bollywood films of 2014 from July to December

We are sharing the best Films of 2014 from July to December, These are the most watched or Most loved films of 2014. we are selecting these...

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