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The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

17 Finest Hollywood Western or Cowboy Movies of All Time

During the talk or discussion about some of the best westerner or cowboy films produced in Hollywood, the first couple of names that comes to my mind...
babys day out film review

25+ Best Hollywood Movies about Kids and their life

Hollywood has been producing films comprising of an array of different genres that are targeted towards every kind of audiences in the world. Whether its action-packed adventure...
Beauty and the Beast 2014 film on stories

15 Best Live Action Movies Based on Fairy Tales of All Time

Once upon a time... were the coolest words, we often waited to hear while we were kids. Because that's how every fairy tale or bedtime story started...
The Thin Red line movie poster film on world war 2

15+ Best Movies on World War 2 You Must Watch | World War 2...

If you ask a movie buff especially someone who enjoys both Hollywood flicks as well as Bollywood masala, he/she will tell you that both the industries are...

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