There was a time when males used to use Dupattas to cover and enjoy ladies Sangeet, soon it became a part of Bollywood too. Audiences loved it on screen and then came a time when male actors cross dressed as females, and the audience went crazy. Male actors with makeup, long hairs, high heels and sizzling styles of female.

 Top cross-dressing Celebs of our Film Industry-

Aamir Khan:

Aamir khan as a Girl

Mr. Perfectionist, Aamir Khan did an item song, “Dole Dole Dil ” as a woman in movie Baazi. Then he became a woman for advertisements like Tata-Sky, Coco-Cola and recently for Godrej.


Govinda as a Girl or woman
Govinda is also known as Comic King, has done many roles as women. The most famous of those roles is from the movie Aunty No. 1. Earlier also, Govinda pulled off a role of a woman in the movie Raja Babu in 1994.

Riteish Deshmukh:

Ritesh Deshmukh as a Girl or woman
Riteish has done an unforgettable female role in the movie, “Apna Sapna Money Money”. His thumkas and all the Adas’s have made public go mad.

Salman Khan:

Salman Khna as a Girl or woman
The macho man of Bollywood has also made an appearance as a woman in the movie “Jaan-E-Man” in a halter dress. I must admit, Salman’s muscular body couldn’t grab much appreciation from audiences.

Shahrukh Khan:

Shahrukh Khan as a Girl or woman
The Romance King of Bollywood also tried his hands as a woman in movie Duplicate, but couldn’t pull it off really well.

Shahid Kapoor:

Shahid Kapoor as a Girl or woman
All the biggies were turning female in movies, so did Shahid Kapoor in “Milenge Milenge”. Short skirt, blonde hairs and high heels. To a surprise, Shahid pulled off the role quite well.

Shreyas Talpade:

Bollywood Heroes as Women (10)
Shreyas Talpade has proven his acting skills in every role he performed. Shreyas says, “Being a woman is an art” and he is quite good in this art. Shreyas performed as a female in the movie, Paying Guest.

Shammi Kapoor:

Shammi Kapoor as a Girl or woman
Shammi Kapoor has always performed his roles with a charisma, he has always brought magic into roles. He dressed up as a woman and nailed it in the movie Bluff Master in 1963.

Shashi Kapoor:

Shashi Kapoor as a Girl or woman
One of the most dashing guys of Bollywood of 80’s, has played a role of a female in Haseena Maan Jayegi, and even danced like a courtesan.

Kamal Haasan:

Kamal hassan as a Girl or woman
Chachi 420 has grabbed many eyeballs for an amazing role played by Kamal Haasan in the movie. Her role of Chachi had an appropriate mix of womanness, It never felt you were watching a man. Hats off to Kamal Haasan.

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